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My Work

Who are you? How do you want to feel, and What is the next step? Skip the conformist society, expect more from life and become the real you. Sometimes we need to eliminate behavior, emotions, and thoughts that interfere with our ability to feel good and act effectively. At other times we want to move forward with our personal development, actualize our potential and engage with the world as a self-determined individual. We cannot change the world, but we can certainly change ourselves, and once we realize this our work begins.



Hypnosis is an effective and lasting method used to change unwanted patterns of behavior at an unconscious level. I use hypnosis combined with behavioral and cognitive techniques to help you eliminate distress and create positive change in your life. I specialize in a solution-based approach focused on problem-solving and helping you move forward in life. Working with me is a learning experience and partnership driven by well-defined goals, and our primary goal is to achieve effective and lasting change in your life. Specialties: PTSD, Trauma, Phobias, IBS

Personal and Professional Development

Personal and Professional Development

You already know who you are and what you want. You understand the power and you know how you want to feel. Coaching is about success. Eliminate perceptions and behavior that are in your way. Commit to change: Alter your perceptions and the world opens to you, alter behavior and create the game you want to play. You become powerful, and coaching becomes a powerful experience. Position yourself as a dynamic player in life, and learn to create an approach to goals that delivers an effective and productive life.



During my twenty-five years as a coach and therapist, I’ve worked with thousands of people who have made profound and significant changes to their personal or professional lives. My experiences with them have secured my belief in two things: the power of human potential and the unlimited capabilities of a determined mind. I bring to that experience significant knowledge from several disciplines (psychology, hypnosis, art & creativity, philosophy, neuroscience, and neuroplasticity). I’ve been called a coach, therapist, and mentor, but my most significant skill is the Application of Knowledge: (guiding clients to integrate and utilize new information and ideas, and assisting them to become the creative force in their life). My approach is to embrace the unique reality of each client and work together to expand their perceptions, establish goals and to create a self-determined approach to life that will deliver the results you desire.

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Joseph helped me a lot. For years I had been struggling with mind-related-physical symptoms, and I was homebound for several years and not able to take care of myself. After starting sessions with Joseph, I was able to go outside within a short while and started my big recovery. He is dedicated. He changed my perspective and challenged my thinking on the problems I was dealing with and helped me solve them. He changed my life, and I highly recommend him. 

V.K. Amsterdam

Joseph has had an interesting life that shaped him to be critical knowledgeable and a source of great ideas. I have deep respect for his opinions and revel in his humor. His abstract understanding of problems opens new ways of looking at the world. He coached me during my Master’s studies and repeatedly aimed my focus in the right direction. I always feel revitalized after meeting with him.

Iline Ceelen, project manager, Medecins Sans Frontieres

Scorselo is a life changer. I went to him for two session of anger management.  I continued with him for an additional two months. He jump-started my carrier. I have a better management position with a new company and a better relationship with my family. 

P. De Vries ,  A’dam


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TALKING MEN   (001- April 2019) You are born without a user manual to help you understand the magnificent creation you are.  Nobody ever teaches you how to use the power you possess, or even how to recognize and tap into the personal resources that are available to you. Your introduction to the world is hardly the gateway to independent self-actualization and expression.  It is more likely a guided tour into socio-cultural indoctrination, a mill that churns out disposable cogs that fit into a wheel careening towards a dystopian destination of which few, if any are aware. Women (mothers) generally carry […]

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Working with Joseph

We cannot change the world, but we can certainly change ourselves, and once we realize this our work begins.

Working with me is a learning experience and partnership driven by clearly defined goals. My skill is to assist you to transform your engagement with life into a more effective, success oriented, and fulfilled experience. If you want to change patterns of behavior, emotions, or thoughts that interfere with your ability to feel good and act effectively, or you are ready to move forward with your personal development and actualize your potential to engage with the world in a more fulfilling and rewarding manner you are ready to work with me. I believe in the power of the mind, your mind, and my work is to help you explore and understand your motivations and behavioral patterns, (what and how you do what you do). Expanding self-awareness broadens your perceptions and alters the way you engage with life.  Learn to dynamically position yourself in life, to be prepared for all challenges and to shape a deliberate and direct approach to goals that will deliver a more productive and fulfilled you.